Sammy Nickalls
Updated Jul 13, 2015 @ 11:03 am
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We at HelloGiggles are seriously feeling the trend of rad Disney Princess incarnations on the Internet. There’s Tumblr user TheNameless Doll, who reimagined them without the “baby face” they all have (seriously, what is WITH those giant eyes?!); there’s illustrator Loryn Brantz, who decided to replace the itty bitty waists of the princesses with realistic ones. And, of course, our very own illustrator Maritza Lugo has does some super-rad Disney reimagining, turning princesses into Mean Girls and making them hang out with their arch-enemies.

What we’ve been missing is seeing our favorite Disney characters invade the world of Snapchat. Thankfully, a 20-year-old, Norway-based artist who goes by NannLL (aka “Queen of Snapchat” on Instagram) recognized this need and did something about it.

Over the weekend, Cosmo introduced us to NannLL’s Disney-inspired Snapchat collages, which she also now posts on Instagram, and we can’t get enough of them. As for her paintbrushes, all she uses is an HTC M8 phone and her finger, according to her Instagram. Check out some of her work and get your Disney fix for the day.

(Images via Instagram)