Caralynn Lippo
Updated Sep 08, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
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We’ve been non-stop psyched about the latest addition to the Disney collection ever since Moana was officially announced back in 2014. With its long history of beloved animated movies and amazing female leads, we just can’t wait to see the young heroine Moana embark on her adventure across the south Pacific with demigod, Maui.

On top of the musical stylings of Hamilton creator/all-around musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, a brand-new Disney princess voiced by an incredibly talented high school freshman, and the movie’s revolutionary no-love-interest plot, we also apparently have some great Disney Easter eggs to look forward to in the movie.

Disney is known for throwing in references and visual cues calling back to their previous films in each new movie, tying together all of the films in one gigantic Disney-verse (and blowing people’s minds with no shortage of increasingly zany Disney fan theories).

Moana’s directors (and veritable Disney legends) John Musker and Ron Clements have confirmed that there will be at least two Easter eggs in their newest film: One The Little Mermaid reference, and one callback to the recent smash-hit Frozen.

“Flounder does appear in this movie,” Musker said. “You’ll have to find Flounder. I won’t say where.”

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This Easter egg totally makes sense. Moana follows the title character as she journeys by boat across the South Pacific, accompanied by a demigod (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, obvs). Ocean = fish = Flounder, so sneaking Ariel’s sidekick into the movie couldn’t have been too tricky! Will Moana and Maui run into Nemo, Marlin, and Dory, too?!

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The directors did also say that there are “other [Easter eggs] as well,” hope everybody’s favorite forgetful fish and her comrades pop up, too.

Besides Flounder, there’s one other confirmed Easter egg: Olaf. “Olaf is in the movie very briefly,” Clements said. Wait, what?

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Hm. Well, we know very well from his adventures in Frozen that Olaf, the happiest lil’ snowman around, loves summer. But how exactly would he fare in the tropical climate of ancient Oceania? It’s pre-Hawaii Hawaii over there – in other words, not a great place to be if you’re made out of snow.

“Once you realize where he is, you’ll get it,” Musker explained. “But we don’t want to say too much.”

Okay, fair enough. Feel like it would be just a wee bit too dark to have an Olaf-looking puddle of water somewhere in the middle of one of the islands that Maui and Moana visit, so maybe we’ll just see a drawing of Olaf or something?

Then again, a very dead Scar did appear in Hercules so maybe they will go for something morbidly humorous like that.

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Either way, we’re so excited to see Moana when it’s released on November 23rd!