Marty Preciado
Updated March 24, 2017 10:30 am
Instagram / @ambulanteac

Looking for a great escape? If you’ll consider planning a weekend getaway around a film festival, we have a suitable recommendation. Ambulante Film Festival in Mexico continues to celebrate and highlight the work of storytellers. This year, the festival celebrates its 12th year with powerful screenings exploring race, gender, sex, politics, and more. The festival kicked off yesterday at the steps of Mexico City’s iconic historical landmark, Monumento a la Revolución, a symbolic space aligned with this year’s festival message.

Documental Ambulante A.C. was founded in Mexico in 2005 by cinematographers dedicated to amplifying the work of documentary filmmakers, as well as supporting film as a tool for cultural and social transformation.

Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal, Pablo Cruz, and Elena Fortes founded the festival with a straightforward mission: discover, share and transform the world through stories.

Ambulante continues to serve as a platform that encourages expression and provides a space for creative dialogue — not only in Mexico, but beyond. In 2014, the festival celebrated its first event in California, and drew more than 2,000 people to screenings in Los Angeles. Ambulante California, its name north of the border, steers away from traditional commercial venues — instead showing films at high schools, universities, museums, and makeshift areas, paralleling its mission to revitalize urban spaces.

Facebook/ Ambulante CA

This year, Ambulante will screen thought-provoking documentaries, including a conversation on race relations and culture in I Am Not Your Negro, a new generation of women of color in East Los Angeles in Ovarian Psycos, the pain, power, and transformation inherent in death in Nick Cave’s One More Time With Feeling,the cultural impact of Mexico’s lucha libre in Lucha México, and the grueling moments experienced by two White Helmets rescuers in Last Men in Aleppo. The festival will showcase 134 titles in more than 150 locations in the country.

If you need a reason to travel, you’re looking to expand your mind with more stories and experiences, or you want to engage in conversations about social change, then Ambulante Film Festival in Mexico sounds right for you!