We are not fans to be trifled with when it comes to the DCOM classic Camp Rock and its sequel, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. The film may have been called The Final Jam, but the song and dance mini-saga may not be as final as we all thought. Seventeen reports that Demi Lovato responded to Joe Jonas’ thoughts on Camp Rock 3 and we’re flying high right now.

In early February, Joe Jonas posted a photo to his Instagram and gave us hope that a Camp Rock 3 might be on the horizon. The photo was a selfie with Joe and his former onscreen summer fling, Demi Lovato.

Like, really spiraling. Honestly Joe, don’t play with us!

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We miss our 2008-2010 lives, too. Besides the braces and headgear part.

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Credit: Joe Jonas /

About a month later, Jonas sat down with Marie Claire and explained what he saw for the next CR installment. The film would be an R-rated spinoff of the Disney films — a dark comedy revolving around the later, college years.

Okay, we’re on board. All we need is the rest of the cast to jump in and we’ve got ourselves a movie. Luckily, Demi Lovato confirmed with Entertainment Tonight that she is 100% in. Lovato spoke to ET on the orange carpet at Saturday’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards and said that Camp Rock 3 is happening — and it was totally her idea.

What a mashup, huh? Listen, we’re still behind this. As Camp Rock fanatics, through and through, we believe in the franchise. And honestly, an R-rated Camp Rock makes sense. The OG fans have grown up, matured, and have probably seen a Fifty Shades of Grey movie by now.

We know it might be a while for this idea to come to fruition, but all of our fingers and toes are crossed.