Credit: Disney Channel

Unless you’ve been living under a nostalgia-proof rock, you no doubt know that Disney Channel is making all of your ’90s and ’00s dreams come true with an epic four-day marathon of its most-beloved Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) this Memorial Day weekend.

Credit: Disney Channel / Tumblr

Then, because there are more DCOMs than can fit in a single long weekend, the nostalgia fest is continuing all through June with the rest of the DCOMs, leading up to premiere of Disney Channel’s 100th (!!!) original movie, a modern-day remake of the ’80s classic, Adventures in Babysitting.

Credit: Disney Channel / Tumblr

Because the 100th DCOM Celebration begins this Friday, May 27 (with the aforementioned epic marathon), Disney Channel has cut together a mashup trailer of highlights from some of the most popular and beloved DCOMs. WARNING: IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL SO MANY FEELINGS. Plus, after the trip down memory lane, the trailer ends with a look at Adventures in Babysitting, which looks like an update that will make fans of the original movie happy, too.

In addition to running on the Disney Channel, the DCOMs will be available to watch on the Disney Channel app and VOD through summer. The 100th DCOM, Adventures in Babysitting, premieres Friday, June 24 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel.