Alyssa Thorne
Updated Feb 18, 2017 @ 10:06 am
People's Choice Awards 2017
Credit: Axelle, Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

We all fantasize about being famous, admit it. Whether it’s just so you can get into movies or events without having to wait in line, or because you think you’d look dope on a billboard, or because you have a really excellent award acceptance speech prepared. But none of us fantasized about the experience Dax Shepard had with his 2017 Chips movie poster in a bathroom.

Like, there are SO MANY places one could theoretically place a movie poster, and the fact that somebody chose to place them in bathroom stalls is endlessly hilarious…but it’s even funnier that Dax Shepard himself happened into the stall with a poster of his face.

We’re not sure if we’d feel honored or demoralized, but Dax Shepard, reliably hilarious, definitely went with honored.

His Instagram caption reads:

We’re also not sure we’re going to count this as a humblebrag, but man, are we excited that he posted it. It would definitely be a totally strange and surreal experience to see yourself around town on a poster in general. But a bathroom stall is definitely peak weirdness, so congrats to whoever put it there and sparked this chain of events.

Chips is a buddy cop film starring Dax Shepard and Michael Peña due out later this year. Furthermore, as an added bonus, we’ve just realized that the movie also stars Ryan Hansen, aka Dick from Veronica Mars. Dax Shepard is Kristen Bell’s husband, which connects him to the show, but he ALSO appeared in the Veronica Mars movie, so we’re pretty into this crossover.

We’re also pretty into this movie poster. But not so into it that we’d, like, mark our territory on it like Dax appears to be doing…