The couple that acts together, stays together! Dax Shepard made his wife Kristen Bell audition for Chips and we can’t stop laughing.

Shepard and Bell both star in the cop film, Chips, but Bell’s role wasn’t always a given. Although her husband is the writer and director of the film, he didn’t originally want her to play his character’s wife, Karen.

After grilling him in an interview for Entertainment Tonight, about why he didn’t envision her for this role, the tables have turned.

Now, Shepard has teamed up with Funny or Die to give his wife the proper audition to play this role. Spoiler alert: the banter between these two is hilarious.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Parenthood actor takes his role as director very seriously in the audition. He makes Bell state her name and doesn’t give in when she says he wrote the role for her.

The Frozen actress then reads the first line of the script, but Shepard isn’t buying it. She tries to ask if the role was written for her like he said, but then they are interrupted.

Michael Pena, who plays Frank “Ponch” Poncherello in the film, walks in to read with the actress, who he pretends to be meeting for the first time.

“Kristen Bell still reading for Karen,” Bell says after being forced to do the slate again. “Do you want to do something different with your hands?” Pena asks.

The sassy actress then flips him off before saying, “Hi, I’m Kristen Bell reading for the part of…this is so stupid.”

“I think we just found our girl,” Shepard says. “I think that was pretty amazing,” Pena adds.

“What was her name?” Shepard asks. “Check the slate,” Pena suggests. “Kirsten Bell, great write that down,” Shepard concludes.

LOL, this whole thing is just too funny. To see this trio in action for real, go see Chips in theaters now!