Karen Belz
Updated Nov 29, 2016 @ 7:14 am
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Know what this world needs? A bit more partying. Luckily, during an appearance on The Late Late Show, Dana Carvey expressed interested in a Wayne’s World 3, which would be — in the words of Wayne Campbell — Excellent.

What started as a Saturday Night Live sketch definitely turned into so much more. Created by Mike Myers, Wayne and Garth starred in their very first movie back in 1992, and followed it up with a sequel just a year later. Know what the best part was? Both movies were pretty darn solid. In fact, some even consider them to be the best SNL-based movies to date.

With so many sequels and revivals in the works, it makes sense that Dana Carvey, fictionally known best as Garth Algar, would be asked about a third film. And luckily, he seems to embrace the idea.

In fact, with the help of Corden and fellow guest Miles Teller, who describes himself as a “massive Wayne’s World fan,” the three think up a few funny plot ideas and cameos.

(We’re also loving the fact that Carvey released an interesting piece of trivia — it turns out that the famous “jaw-holding” expression that Garth often gives actually made him injure himself on set. What can we say? Carvey definitely gave this role his all.)

As we approach 2017, it’d be pretty interesting to see if Waynestock was still a tradition, and what kind of bands Wayne and Garth would try to book today. Also, it’d be cool to see the two buddies tackle fatherhood. Or, at least, late-in-life bachelorhood.

Hopefully Mike Myers caught the segment, and is jotting down some ideas!