We’ve all heard about what it took for Dan Stevens to transform into the Beast for the live action film. He not only had to wear a 40 lb body suit and learn to maneuver in steel stilts, but he had to perform at lot of scenes twice! And, if we’re honest, it sounds like Stevens may have had the worst time ever.

It’s no secret that the production of the film took a toll on Stevens. And he’s been kind enough to share of his behind-the-scenes experiences with us movie magic nerds.

In a recent interview with People, Stevens revealed yet another task that he had to perform in his heavy body suit and stilts.

Sounds pretty brutal!

But, that’s not all! In addition to learning how to walk in stilts, Stevens also had to perform the waltz scene with Emma Watson in them. Like, he had to execute choreography expertly while wearing steel contraptions under his feet. And one false or wrong move, would’ve landed his costar in a hospital with a few broken bones.

So much pressure! But we have no doubt the results were totally worth it.