Dan Stevens
Credit: Disney

Disney loyalists beware: After you see what went into Dan Stevens’ portrayal of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, you may never sleep again. Disney is gearing up to release the wildly successful live action film on digital and blue ray on June 6th and in anticipation they’re releasing behind the scenes featurettes — including a look behind Dan Stevens’ Beast.

While movie goers got to see a beautifully CGI-ed beast, Stevens had to create his broody antihero wearing what can only be described as a Pillsbury-dough-boy-meets-visual-effects-onesie. It is truly a sight to behold.

“Dan was in a lycra motion capture suit and stilts to make him as tall as the beast would be so that Emma was always playing to somebody who was as big as the beast,” director Bill Condon explains in the behind-the-scenes video.

TBH, Emma Watson and Stevens should get ALL the awards for not laughing a million times during this scene.

But, if you didn’t think the hilarious motion capture suit was enough, it turns out Stevens had to recreate entire scenes to capture his facial expressions. That’s right, he had to do every scene twice: Once in his Pillsbury onesie and bouncy shoes, and again in a room that highlighted his every facial expression.

This is the face of genuine commitment.

According to Condon, the facial rig captured every movement, something that was important to the Beauty and the Beast creative team. Every movement or twitch the beast makes in the final cut of the film was done by Stevens. This means Stevens still had to make the motions of him eating his meals like a savage and pouting. Condon commended Stevens’ performance in the film, saying that his full commitment to the process is what makes his performance as the Beast, one of the best CGI performances ever.

Stevens’ performance as the Beast is one of the most haunting things we’ve ever seen. We hope he got to keep his Pillsbury suit at the end of the shoot!