Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 05, 2016 @ 4:40 pm
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Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Remember when you saw March of the Penguins and you were like, “oh wow, Morgan Freeman, feel freel to talk to me about penguins all the time”? You’re soon going to feel that same way about Daisy Ridley and…eagles.

The Star Wars darling (and now Instagram-free) Daisy Ridley is lending her voice to The Eagle Huntress, a movie which she also executive produced. There’s already some girl power going on here in Ridley’s corner, but what is this movie even about?

Oh, you know, just a badass 13-year old who decides she wants to become the first eagle huntress in her family in over 2,000 years.

The movie is a documentary about a young girl named Aisholpan, and the Mongolian culture of eagle hunting. Don’t think of it as like, Aisholpan is going to hunt the eagles, no no. Instead, she is actually training one to hunt for her, and then respond to her every command, and land on her arm like it’s NO BIG DEAL. It’s actually a huge deal, because you try going out into the wilderness and getting an eagle to land on YOUR arm.

There’s still one more bit of girl power here, with Sia actually writing and recording a brand new original song for the movie, “Angels of the Wing.” Hell yes.

The Eagle Huntress premiered earlier this year at Sundance, and will open in New York and Los Angeles on October 28th 2016. Mark your calendars.