Gina Vaynshteyn
March 25, 2015 11:29 am

A couple of days ago, we were blessed with an adorable post from a British Redditor. Titled, “It seemed like a fun idea,” the post gave us a glimpse into a father-daughter outing to a Frozen sing-a-long event in London. If a dad taking his daughter to a Frozen sing-a-long weren’t already cute enough, this dad was dressed up as Queen Elsa, and his daughter went as Olaf the Snowman. Photos of the duo then kept surfacing on social media: One photo was taken outside the tube where the two looked pretty sleepy (it takes a LOT of energy to look that good, so we understand), and another on the tube platform, where dad and daughter look much, much more gleeful.

Just kidding, still not gleeful but we love how casual they are about their looks.

We also totally love how deeply invested this dad is in his daughter’s interests and how seriously he took the event. Go Elsa Dad!

Elsa Dad is definitely not the only human to dress up in full-on Frozen garb for the kids in their lives. Here are some more enthusiastic humans who have gone all out!

This family went as Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa and it was way adorbs.

A hockey team visited Boston Children’s Hospital dressed up in Frozen costumes just because.

Just an Elsa Dad and his five Elsa Daughters.

For some reason these images just give us those happy heart flutters. Thinking about how happy these kids must have been with their grown ups around them dressed in Frozen gear, sigh, it melts us into emotion puddles.

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