Hear that low whimper echoing around the world? That’s the sound of The Fault in Our Stars fans crying because, thanks to an unknown villain, the city of Amsterdam is no longer the home of the movie’s now-famous green bench. According to reports, the police first noticed the bench was missing after a few desperate tourists pointed out its absence. What’s more, officials guess the bench was MIA for a whole month before anyone noticed. While I don’t normally condone the behavior of criminals, I’ve got to give “props” to the bandits that were able to smuggle an entire bench out of the area, unnoticed. These unknown thieves (unlawfully) accomplished what most of us have only dreamed of: owning a popular movie prop. Though the green bench is no longer available, there are still other, equally awesome movie props out there just waiting to sit on display in your home.

The Iron Throne – Game of Thrones

Did I say the items can sit on display? What I really meant was you can sit on the display, physically, but only with this prop. The throne of Westeros, which grants the owner complete domination over the land, would look lovely in your living room or personal castle. If thievery is not your thing, the official HBO shop offers a life-size replica for one low price of 30,000 dollars.

The “Heart of the Ocean” Necklace – Titanic

Every time I watch the end of Titanic, I die a little inside. Not because I yearn for a love as genuine as Jack and Rose’s, but because old Rose dumps her necklace in the ocean without any regard for the captain, who has spent his entire life looking for it or the fans who desperately want to wear the jewel around their neck.

The Ring – Lord of the Rings

To be clear, I’m not talking about the “you will die in seven days” ring (it would be too difficult to find a working VHS player in this day and age, anyway) but rather, the “one ring to rule them all” ring from Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy. Though it might not make you invisible or turn you into a thieving, half-human, it would certainly look nice with your Bilbo Halloween costume next year.

A Hobbit House – Lord of the Rings

Speaking of Hobbits, let’s discuss the hobbit holes for a second. Sure, this prop may be a little too big to steal, but that won’t stop me from wanting my own cute little circular windows and doors. Not to mention, the extra room for gardening.

The Iron Man Suit – Iron Man

Whether or not the outfit actually works, it would be fun to have Tony Stark’s creation sitting in your living room. It would be like a modern day suit of armor, except with more gizmos and things that can kill you. If the suit is heavily guarded on the set, though, you can always just buy a separate arc reactor for 20 bucks and call it a day.

A Time Turner – Harry Potter

It doesn’t have to work. In fact, I’d be really impressed if it did work. The necklace is pretty enough, though, that it makes up for the lack of time-traveling powers, in my opinion.

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