Alyssa Thorne
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 3:10 pm
It Pennywise the Clown
Credit: Brooke Palmer / Warner Bros.

When we heard about the Alamo Drafthouse “clown-only” screening of It, we pretty much decided to stay away from Austin…basically forever. Just the thought of watching the ultimate scary clown movie in a theater filled with clowns is enough to give us nightmares for the rest of our lives.

But now we have photographic proof that the event was simultaneously the most horrifying thing we can imagine and, actually, probably pretty fun? Like, don’t misunderstand, we’d most likely have spent half our time there covering our eyes, but it probably would have been a scary good time peeking through our fingers.

Because people went all out for this themed screening.

Clown-phobics, beware:

We still don’t love the idea of being totally surrounded by clowns, but we have to admit, we missed out on a prime Instagrammable experience. Like, can you imagine looking around the movie theater and seeing this all around you? Talk about an immersive experience.

There are lots of stats and statistics about why people are going to movies less.

Like the fact that, hi, we millennials are broke AF. And while economics likely play a large part in the drop in theater goers, we have to applaud the Alamo Drafthouse for finding new and creative ways to lure people into a movie night out. (Though, It did really well on its own. The film had a stellar, record-breaking opening weekend.)

While clown costumes may not be for everyone, they definitely made for a cool addition for anyone wanting to commit to the spirit of It. Like, really commit.