Angelica Florio
July 23, 2017 4:20 pm

Dreams do come true! Well, maybe. We don’t know if Charlize Theron will for sure be in the Wonder Woman sequel. In fact, nobody does — but it seems like it may be a possibility. At San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Theron was featured on the “Icon Edition” of Entertainment Weekly’s “Women Who Kick Ass” panel (a perfect fit, considering Theron’s roles in Aeon Flux and (more recently) Mad Max and Atomic Blonde).

During the conversation, panel host Sara Vilkomerson announced that she had a note for Theron from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins — the woman who also wrote and directed Monster, the film that won Theron an Oscar.

Oh boy, this is shaping up well.

Jenkins clearly loves Theron as much as we do — probably more, seeing as they know each other personally. In her heartfelt note, which is basically a Shakespearean love letter, she said,

Wow, it sounds like Jenkins really wants Theron to be in Wonder Woman 2! (It’s all about the subtext, guys.)

As for Theron, she seems pretty DTAIWW2 — that is, down to act in Wonder Woman 2. She responded to Jenkins’ note — after practically tearing up — with,

Wow, this is a match made in Paradise Island.