Heather Mason
Updated July 11, 2017
Warner Bros.

It’s been two years since Mad Max: Fury Road zoomed into theaters and brought the badass Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron) into our lives — and looks like we could potentially see more of her story. That’s because Charlize Theron is down to do a Mad Max: Fury Road prequel.

We so want to take that ride with her!

Warner Bros.

Charlize Theron has been busy since she appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road as the one-armed, speed-demon Imperator Furiosa, who is basically the coolest human and best driver…ever. In a recent interview with Variety, while promoting her latest movie Atomic Blonde (which also looks amazing), Theron confirmed that she’d totally be game to do a Mad Max: Fury Road prequel.

Honestly, we’re absolutely down for whatever gets us more Furiosa.

Here’s what Theron had to say:

So if the stars align, we could not only get more Theron AND more Furiosa, but also backstory to her amazing character. That’s more than enough to get us psyched to see a Mad Max: Fury Road prequel. Maybe even more than one! In the meantime, you can catch Theron taking people out in Atomic Blonde when it hits theaters on July 28th.