atomic blonde
Credit: Focus Features

We say “if” you love it when Charlize Theron kicks butt as though there’s another option — obviously we alllllll love it when Charlize Theron gets to kick a little ass, right? There’s very little better than a movie built around Charlize Theron kicking an excessive amount of butt, which is one of the many reasons (other than the radical feminist subtext, we mean) we loved Mad Max so dearly, and one of the reasons we’re def looking forward to her new film Atomic Blonde.

And not ONLY does the trailer show some pretty brutal fight scenes, but it plays out beneath Queen’s “Killer Queen” which is just TOO good.

(Is it just us, or is there something super satisfying about an especially brutal fight scene with a female character? So often female characters are given some kind of ~aesthetically pleasing~ fighting style and don’t actually get hurt for fear of ~marring their faces~ so we’re pretty into the fight choreography here.)

Behold: Your new favorite movie. The trailer is definitely NSFW, so if you’re in the office, don’t watch.*

*or make sure your computer screen is turned away from your boss. C’mon. We’re realistic, we’ve got you.

We didn’t get a HUGE idea of what’s going on in the movie from the trailer, because most of it seemed to be just “LOOK HOW HOT AND KICKASS CHARLIZE THERON IS” which we’re not entirely opposed to (and the gratuitous “look how hot” shots were balanced a bit but the butt-kicking, so we can deal.) A little bit of digging tells us that Atomic Blonde is about:

So, yeah. We’re pretty stoked. The movie opens July 28th.