Kayleigh Roberts
March 09, 2016 4:07 pm

Before things got very, very real in the romance department (we’re looking at you, teen years), there were those glorious moments when you were transitioning between having absolutely no sexual interest in anyone or anything and really understanding what those interests meant. These are some of the fictional characters who were the very first to make us *~*feel things*~*.

Human Casper 

Universal Pictures / Giphy

He made this objectively creepy line 12-year-old sexy.

Human Thackery Binx 

Disney / Tumblr

He was cat/ghost from Hocus Pocus. Human versions of ghosts/plucky non-human BFFs were very hot in the ’90s.

Max Dennison

Disney / Tumblr

Really, the main guy in Hocus Pocus did it for us, too.

Jack Dawson 

20th Century Fox / Tumblr


Uncle Jesse 

ABC / Giphy

Have mercy.


Disney / Tumblr

Oh, did you forget the 1997 classic Jungle 2 Jungle? Because your uterus sure hasn’t.

Randy Taylor

ABC / Tumblr

Playing Tim Allen’s son in the ’90s basically guaranteed you’d give tween girls butterflies. Plus, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who played Randy, was the speaking voice of Young Simba in The Lion King, so bonus crush points.

Marcus Henderson

The WB / Tumblr

Marcus from Smart Guy was incredibly hot. Jason Weaver, who played him, was also the singing voice of Young Simba in The Lion King, which is proof that being Young Simba in The Lion King was a very sexy thing.

Dean Talon

Disney / Tumblr

You know, from the DCOM classic Motocrossed.


Disney / Tumblr

You wanted to be her, be with her or both.

Andy “Brink” Brinker

Disney / Tumblr

Or, for that matter, Erik von Detten in anything in the ’90s.

Isis from Bring It On

Universal Pictures / Tumblr

Her attitude was pure sexiness.


Warner Bros. / Tumblr

Our love for him is a NeverEnding Story.

Jake from Animorphs


It was the beginning of an enduring one-sided romance with Shawn Ashmore.

Shawn Hunter 

ABC / Tumblr

Speaking of hot guys named Shawn…

Topanga Lawrence 

ABC / Tumblr

And speaking of people who Cory Matthews totally loved.

Josh Lucas 

Paramount Pictures / Tumblr

By the end of this movie, we were collectively all like:

Paramount Pictures / Tumblr