Kathryn Lindsay
July 09, 2015 3:24 pm

Monday morning, when you booted up your Twitter after a nice long fourth of July weekend away, you were likely smacked in the face with one thing, and one thing only: Magic Mike XXL. The highly anticipated sequel to Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, hit theaters on the first of the month, and has been rapidly receiving praise from media and audiences alike. It’s also surprisingly becoming the subject of feminist critique and praise. Even feminist Roxane Gay is a huge fan, which is good, because as it turns out, the feeling may be mutual.

Daily Life sat down with Channing, as well as his costar Joe Manganiello, to ask some questions about the film, particularly all the feminist hype that surrounds their movie. The first question was obvious: Is this a movie for women?

“Well, no. I’m not exactly sure if you can tell a story or make a movie with that sort of simple intention,” responded Tatum. “You try to figure out what the story is. We weren’t trying to make The Godfather here; we were trying to make a really fun thing.”

Then they got down to the good stuff: Roxane Gay. Her burning question, which Daily Life reached out over Twitter to find, was an important one: Does Channing cook?

“Yeah, I cook. I’m actually — and Jenna [his wife] would say this — I’m a better cook than Jenna,” he said. “I just cook the standards. I’m not like a chef. But I cook a mean breakfast, I’m nasty on the grill, and I mainly just like the healthy foods.”

And then, he added: “I wonder if [Roxane] cooks? I wanna talk to her.”

We see a friendship budding, even if Tatum has complicated feelings on feminism.

We’re psyched that Tatum’s “pro-feminism” and we have a feeling if knew being a “feminist” means you believe in equality, he’d likely be on board with that too.

Hopefully, Roxane can give him the info he needs so he can declare his feminism loud and proud.

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