This is a completely legitimate question: What happened to all the humans in Cars?

The Disney and Pixar franchise follows a group of lovable, racing cars. These cars are anthropomorphic, and basically live and function as if they are humans. But they are not humans. They are cars. You’d expect someone to suddenly jump out of Lightning McQueen and be like “hey guys, I’m a human!” but after two movies, it hasn’t happened yet. Will it happen in the third? Probably not.

And seeing as how the world of Cars exists on this same Earth, in the back of our minds, we can’t help but wonder, what happened to all the people?

Credit: PIxar

Don’t worry, this is something Cars‘ creative director, Jay Ward, has thought about, too! Talking to ScreenCrush, he details how he thinks the world of Cars came about. And yes, it involves the cars absorbing the humans.

So according to Ward’s theory, we’re making the robots so smart that one day yes, they will overthrow us all — but keep our personalities. You might be gone, but at least your spirit will live on via your used 2013 Kia Soul! (Pun intended.)