Briana Hansen
July 18, 2016 12:58 pm
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Since the filming for the latest Star Wars movie has recently wrapped (and an epic wrap party was thrown), we can now begin the oh-so-fun game of slowly waiting to learn little juicy details about what to expect from the upcoming movie.

During filming, we got a maybe hint that Rey and Luke would spend a lot of time together thanks to some spectacular social media posts. And Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) himself has said some pretty cryptic stuff that’s lead to some serious speculation. But everything we new so far was basically just guessing what might happen.

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Until now. And, TBH, it’s not exactly wonderful news.

 Of course the straight-talking, no-nonsense Princess/General Leia is the first to finally give us some concrete answers about what we’ll see in the upcoming movie. 

During a recent Star Wars celebration in London, Carrie Fisher answered what she knows happens between The Force Awakens and Episode VIII. She said simply, “Han’s funeral.”

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*Excuse us while we get all the tissues*

She was quick to clarify (especially in the wake of the exciting announcement of a stand-alone Han Solo spinoff movie with a hunky actor already chosen) that she meant “the old one.”

And despite the fact that the entire audience was likely tearing up as she continued about how complicated their relationship was (and how much more complicated it became with their super-evil son Kylo-Ren), she still managed to make everybody laugh by telling the about how she playfully greeted her “son” when she first met him. She said, “I did spank Adam [Driver] when I first met him, so that felt good.”

The fact that we’ll likely see the events in the wake of Hans’ super sad death was later confirmed on the Star Wars UK twitter with a simple confirmation tweet quoting Rian Johnson, the film’s director:

So now we know to bring a giant box of tissues to the next Star Wars (which will save our poor sleeves which did NOT see Hans’ demise coming in the first place). And, hopefully there will be plenty of delightful moments to help balance that out.

May we suggest a robot love-interest for BB-8?

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