Trilby Beresford
July 20, 2016 11:35 am

It’s crazy to think that Monsters, Inc. came out all the way back in 2001, because, like most Pixar films, it has so much re-watch value (and it teaches us valuable life lessons).

Remember the character of Boo? That sweet, wide-eyed little human girl who was fearless around all the monsters except Randall?

Well, there’s been lots of buzz about a new movie centered ALL AROUND HER, because of this poster that began circling the internet waves.

Understandably, devoted fans of Boo and Monsters, Inc. went into a frenzy! Could Pixar be making our wildest dreams come true?! A movie that explores Boo’s adult life?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. This was just a (cruel!) rumor started by a Disney fan named Nico, who runs the Instagram account conceptdisney. The caption of Nico’s account states, “I make Disney concept movie edits that will probably never come true.” 

It’s hard to express in words the disappointment we are feeling right now, but this is pretty accurate.

Of course, it wasn’t Nico’s intention to shatter the dreams of Monsters, Inc. fans everywhere; he simply thought it would be cool to create some kick-ass concept art for fictional movies. And it is!

To achieve the grown-up look of Boo, Nico explains in his Instagram post that he edited a picture of Anna from Frozen, changing her facial features and hair to look more like Boo. So, you can’t fault creativity. Good job on the Boo poster, even if it isn’t real.

If you’re into seeing more fictional movie sequel posters, Nico has designed one for Ratatouille and Wreck-it-Ralph, and they’re pretty impressive as well. None of this takes away our sadness about Boo, though.

We would very much like a Boo-movie to be real someday, so Pixar… please take note, and deliver accordingly.