Christina Pellegrini
Updated June 14, 2017

It’s no secret that we’ve been obsessed with the Wonder Woman film since it came out. Director Patty Jenkins has also claimed that things are looking up for women in action films. In that vein, a recent Tumblr post has gone viral for raising an interesting point about Wonder Woman. And it all comes down to a split second on the screen.

The Creative Words, Powerful Ideas Tumblr highlights the feminist focus of Wonder Woman. Its author writes that watching a superhero movie without the lens of the male gaze is “like putting glasses on for the first time.”

She says that she never realized the male gaze filter was a part of female superhero films until, suddenly, it wasn’t.

The writer notes that there are no eye candy shots of Diana. Plus, the Amazons have naturally aging skin and don’t wear corset-like armor. But the pivotal moment for her was when Wonder Woman’s thigh jiggles on screen.

She’s so right! It might be such a tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing. But it speaks volumes about the way that the character is portrayed. In a single moment, the film reveals her humanity, her strength, and even her vulnerability. Yes, she’s a powerful-as-hell woman. But she’s REAL.

We have to give Patty Jenkins serious props for this. We hope she goes on to reinterpret many, many more of our favorite female superheroes.