Alyssa Thorne
September 18, 2017 12:50 pm

Attention, weird center circle on the venn diagram of “Blake Lively Fans” and “Horror Film Junkies”! We’ve got news for you. The trailer for All I See Is You, starring Ms. Lively, dropped, and it’s…well, we basically have nightmares already. At first it looks like a pretty sweet little film. But quickly the music and overall visual creep-factor tips you off to the fact that Blake Lively should probably be seeing someone else… Like, the police.

All I See Is You follows Lively’s character, Gina, as she navigates a world she can see for the first time.


She’s been blind since a childhood car accident took both her parents, and her vision, in one fell swoop. It’s written and directed by Marc Forster, who also did World War Z and Monster’s Ball, so we’re expecting things to get pretty weird.

And they will! When asked about his filmmaking process, Forster explained the motivation for the visuals:

So, like, this film looks to be creepy by design. Since we think of Blake Lively as Queen of many of our YA faves, it’s a little disorienting to see her in this, but hey! We’re pretty sure we already love it.