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One of the cool things about Hollywood is all the amazing acting dynasties. Some are very well known, say like Julia, Eric, and Emma Roberts, but some are more elusive. And, as it turns out, Blake Lively’s brother Jason (technically, her half-brother, but STILL!!!) played Rusty in National Lampoon’s European Vacation. YEAH. Jason Lively co-starred in the iconic family road trip movie that premiered in 1985. And that was TWO YEARS before Blake was even born! Jason took over the role of Rusty Griswold for Anthony Michael Hall, who had played Rusty in the first Vacation movie. Although both Griswold kids were re-cast for this sequel, we think they totally nailed the parts.

Jason as Rusty Griswold, with his European Vacation co-stars/family.

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All we can think is (in a French accent), “Ruuusttyyyy!”

Here’s what Jason looked like at the time he filmed European Vacation.

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Too cute!

And here he is with half-sis Blake!

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And here’s an adorable #nationalsiblingday photo Blake posted earlier this year with all her other siblings (including Jason), too!

“Yes, our parents are breeders.” LOL, Blake.

Jason and Blake share a mother, Elaine Lively. Her first husband, Ronnie Lively, was Jason’s father and her second husband, Ernie Lively, (he took on Elaine’s name when they married, so cool!) is Blake’s father.

Jason has since left acting behind, but clearly he’s still happily enjoying life outside of Hollywood!

We loved Jason in his turn as Rusty in European Vacation, and we love the strong family bonds he still shares with Blake and the entire Lively sibling-clan!