Billy on the Street screaming at people with child-actor Jacob Tremblay is our everything right now

He’s only one of the most successful child actors in recent years…but apparently a lot of people still haven’t heard of Jacob Tremblay. You know, the award-winning, impossibly cute, and utterly charming kid from Room (and soon to be a slew of other movies).

In fact, Tremblay recently paired up with Billy Eichner in Billy on the Street to remind adults just how successful he is, and this is one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen.

For context: the pair literally sprint down the street and surprise passers by, quizzing them on who Jacob Tremblay is and what he’s done. If a respondent dares not to have heard of the young actor, Eichner promptly screams something hilarious, grabs Jacob, and keeps running.

It’s really true, Tremblay is the epitome of cool at every awards show! But even more than that, we love how down to earth Tremblay is; even when Billy points out a child his age who probably doesn’t have a Critics Choice Award, Tremblay said, “Doesn’t mean he’s not cool.” Awwww.

See you soon Montreal! #redeyejammies #beyoself #tinyhumansboutique

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In fact, Tremblay genuinely seems like a cool person, which is why we love him so very much. The award-winning actor thing is basically a nice bonus.

We can’t wait to see Tremblay grace our movie screens in Wonder (alongside Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson) and The Book of Henry (with Naomi Watts and Sarah Silverman). His career has skyrocketed since Room, and for very good reason. He’s got the acting chops and a good attitude: a winning combo.

First #snowboarding lesson today! Thanks @MtSeymour!!! #snowday #funday #Canada #Eh #MtSeymour

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Keep being you, Jacob!

H/T: People

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