Ashley Rey
December 30, 2016 11:08 am
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Not following along with all of the Rogue One hype? No worries — Billie Lourd wasn’t a fan of Star Wars when she first watched, either. The daughter of the late Carrie Fisher spoke about her introduction to the franchise, and admitted that it didn’t tickle her fancy initially. In fact, when Carrie put on Star Wars for Billie, the young lady had a surprising reaction!

Goes to show that just because you have an ancestral connection to something, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be a diehard fan.

Billie Lourd’s first time watching Star Wars gave her quite the reaction.

In an interview with People, Billie spoke about the experience when she first watched her mother’s film.

But after the initial shock, Billie gave the iconic franchise another chance and become obsessed!

It took some warming up, but eventually Billie became a fan just like the rest of us. Who would’ve thought that years later the actress would go on to star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Full circle, for sure!