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Bad Moms has officially hit theaters and we are freaking out! The comedy features Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn and is about three overworked moms who just need a break so in order to get one, they go wild and let their “bad mom” side takeover.

In honor of the hilarious flick, we’ve rounded up the 10 best movie moms of all time and their exact opposites (the 10 worst movie moms) into one place.


Molly Weasley — Harry Potter

Mrs. Weasley is a serious contender for the best mom ever! She knits (horrible sweaters, but it’s the thought that counts), basically adopted Harry as one of her own, and kills Bellatrix in order to save her daughter. She kicks total butt and is beyond great in all the HP films.

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Maria von Trapp — The Sound of Music

Maria might’ve started as the von Trapp kids’ baroness, but she wins over their hearts (and ours) pretty quickly. And when she does become their stepmother, she is a super mom who sings, makes clothes out of curtains, and can balance being stern and having fun.

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Rosemary Penderghast — Easy A

What’s not to love about Olive’s mom in Easy A? She’s wild, crazy and yet, totally supportive at all times. Even when she is concerned about her daughter’s actions, she doesn’t really judge, which is refreshing for a mother. If that’s not enough, she is hilarious and when she tells stories of her past you can’t help but laugh.

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Helen Harris — Raising Helen

Helen might not have been the best fit to raise her nieces and nephew, but she steps up big time and definitely earned her spot on this list. She changes her entire lifestyle to do what her sister asked her to do when she passed away, even though it was really hard at first. Oh, and she convinced a fancy restaurant to sing “Happy Birthday” to a hippo, so bonus points for that.

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Mrs. Gump — Forrest Gump

Talk about selfless! Mrs. Gump did anything and everything for Forrest growing up, which is why he is a total mama’s boy and we love it. She made sure he knew he could do anything no matter what other people thought of him. She was awesome.

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Sarah Conner — The Terminator

Not only did Sarah kick serious butt in The Terminator films, but she was a mom who kicked butt. Not many women (or parents in general) actually save the world, but Sarah did. Plus, she was a total badass and willing to sacrifice everything for her son, including her humanity.

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Helen Parr — The Incredibles

Helen aka Mrs. Incredible (or Elastigirl) was pretty darn incredible. Not only was she a great mom despite dealing with three completely different children, but she was also willing to give up her life as a superhero to protect her loved ones. Oh, and she was SO fierce when she as a superhero that she saved not only her family, but the entire world from Syndrome.

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Sybil Stone — The Family Stone

Just looking at Sybil from The Family Stone brings a tear to our eye. This mom was the glue that held everything together for the Stone family. Sure, she was a little judgmental of her son’s future bride, but overall she was just a mother who wanted what was best for her family since she knew her time was limited with them. She was the ultimate matriarch.

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Leigh Anne Tuohy — The Blind Side

The Blind Side showed us that you don’t have to be blood to be a good mother. Leigh Anne took Michael Oher off the streets, gave him a house to live in and actually accepted him as her son despite what other people were gossiping about. She loved him and protected him (and all her children) like a lioness and she showed no mercy when it came to making sure he succeeded in life.

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Jackie Harrison — Stepmom

This one is a two-for-one on the fabulous mom scale. Jackie (who was the technical “mom” in Stepmom) was a saint for allowing her children’s stepmom to actively take over in their lives when she realized she had cancer and might not beat it. She basically sacrificed her pride and time with her kids to make sure they were happy when she was gone. That’s not to say that Isabel Kelly (played by Julia Roberts) doesn’t earn an honorable mention for ultimately stepping up and stepping back when Jackie needed her to.

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Kathleen “Kitty Kat” Cleary — Wedding Crashers

Kathleen might’ve been a wealthy woman who was taken seriously in all social circles, but she was a terrible mom. She was totally inappropriate and not very caring to her children. She tried to hit on (and seduce) John the whole film and was drunk all the time. Not very classy.

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Norma Bates — Psycho

Norma is one of the ultimate bad moms. In Psycho, you are led to believe that she murdered Marion Crane and that she was totally insane. In reality her son, Norman Bates, was psycho and guilty of the crime, but his mind was largely poisoned because of his mother. Norman has all sorts of major personality issues as a result of his bad mother.

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Other Mother — Coraline

The Other Mother is the worst in Coraline. She claims she loves her and wants her to stay and live with her, but she is actually really mean. She is controlling and manipulative and tells Coraline that if she gives her button eyes that won’t hurt to sew on (lies!) that she can be happy with her and The Other Father in their world forever. She is insane.

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Margaret White — Carrie

Hello, this lady is a loon! While Carrie was a bit odd, it was largely her mother’s fault. She was convinced her daughter was bad and did anything and everything, to punish her for her satan-like behavior. She even tried to kill her with a knife! Definitely not good parenting.

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Kate McCallister — Home Alone

Although Kate isn’t as bad as some of the other moms on this list, she also isn’t the best role model when it comes to remembering her children. She forgets Kevin…twice! Plus, she has a hard time not showing favoritism and taking sides when her children fight. Sorry, but that makes you a not-so-good mom.

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Mary — Precious

Poor Precious. She didn’t have a chance with this lady as her mother. Mary is so selfish and rude throughout the film, it’s almost hard to watch. Mary is violent and abusive in more ways than one, which makes her one of the worst moms we’ve ever seen.

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Mrs. George — Mean Girls

Alright, Mrs. George is in no way the worst movie mom, but she as a LOT of flaws. She might be a “cool mom,” but she is also a horrible role model. She really needed to have more rules, then maybe Regina wouldn’t have been such a mean girl.

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Anne Hamilton — The Notebook

Sure, Anne wasn’t the worst on the mom-scale, but she did almost cost her daughter the love of her life. In The Notebook, Anne is responsible for Allie never getting any of Noah’s love letters and therefore nearly ruining one of the greatest love stories ever.

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Stepmother — Cinderella

Ugh, talk about giving stepmothers a bad name. Cinderella’s stepmother was the ultimate baddie. She was just plain mean mean, didn’t once think about Cinderella’s life or future, and spoiled her own children without caring that they were selfish and rude. Plus, she locked Cinderella in an attic!

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Joan Crawford — Mommie Dearest

The film Mommie Dearest is based off of Christina Crawford’s memoir, which claims her adopted mother, actress Joan Crawford, was abusive and an alcoholic. The fact that it is based on reportedly real events makes Joan the ultimate “bad mom” (and makes the movie even more frightening to watch).

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