The Los Angeles World Premiere Of Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange"
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Benedict Cumberbatch has been busy lately. Obviously, a lot of that is because he’s starring in the highly anticipated Marvel film, Doctor Strange. While we fangirled over the film’s international trailer, Jimmy Kimmel had him stop by a kids’ birthday party dressed as Doctor Strange himself. Even when he’s out of costume, though, Cumberbatch seems to be busy promoting the newest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Case in point: the strangely adorable video of him and costar Tilda Swinton playing Jenga. While they played the game, they also answered questions from fans – but here’s where things get pretty awesome.

Instead of fans asking the questions in real time, they asked them in advance and then they were printed on the Jenga blocks! So, every time one of the actors pulled out a block from the precarious tower, they then read the question on the block and answered it. It’s a great idea, really – and the stars are totally charming doing it.

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Cumberbatch nearly knocks the whole tower over on his first attempt, but manages to extract a block without doing any damage to it – with a bit of Swinton’s help. It turns out, she’s surprisingly good at Jenga, despite having never played it before.

You can watch the full video here:

Eventually, (spoiler alert?) the pieces had to fall, but the Jenga game between Cumberbatch and Swinton was a charming way to get fans engaged and get us all even more excited for the release of Doctor Strange next month.