Credit: Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck has appeared as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and briefly in this summer’s Suicide Squad. Soon, though, he’ll be concentrating all his efforts on a Batman solo film.

Affleck is co-writing this new movie, as well as directing and starring in it. So, unsurprisingly, he will get a lot of the say in naming the picture – and right now, according to Entertainment Weekly, it looks like that name will be short and sweet: the working title is, simply, The Batman.

Uhm. Okay?

Credit: Warner Bros.

The name is obviously super simple; on one hand, it’s appealing and clean but on the other, it might just be too simple. As Affleck, said, though, it may change.

There’s not even a release date yet for The Batman, though many are speculating that it’ll come out between the 2018 release of The Flash film, and the 2020 release of the Cyborg movie. That makes sense, and would ensure a high profile DC film is in theaters at least once a year for that chunk of time.

We’d better, Ben, because when it comes to Batman, we want all the details.