Ashley Rey
January 14, 2017 12:39 pm
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Actor and director Ben Affleck needs one big change to occur or else he won’t helm the upcoming Batman flick, and he’s serious. The Justice League and Batman vs. Superman star is asking that the Bruce Wayne get a much needed face lift for comfort reasons.

According to the seasoned actor, the current uniform is a total sweat box, and wearing it while directing the cast isn’t the most ideal. Affleck shared his thought process with USA Today while promoting his newest film Live by Night. And we totally understand where he’s coming from.

Ben Affleck had this to say about the infamous Batman costume.

Based on lots of the answers he’s been given about the upcoming movie, there will be quite a few surprises we can expect.

We totally hope the costume designers to take this confort into consideration. We definitely don’t want anything to come in between a kickass Ben Affleck-directed Batman film.