Rachel Paige
September 08, 2016 5:11 pm

Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast will soon come to life right before our eyes — literally. The 1991 animated movie is getting the live-action treatment, and it’s going to be a whole new enchanted world for us come March 17th, 2017. But what exactly will it look like, once everything is, you know, human (again)?

While we’ve still got to wait a ways to see the movie with our own eyes, Disney released a quick behind-the-scenes video showing us exactly what Belle’s little town, full of little people, will look like on the big screen. It’s like a Where’s Waldo for Belle and Gaston, and honestly, it’s making us even that much MORE excited for the movie. We didn’t think that was possible.

These images are clearly from the actual filming, so they’re by no means the finished version of Belle’s town (and we know this, because there’s a giant green screen in the background). Where do you think Marie with the baguettes is? She could be anywhere in here right now!


It’s also clear that Disney spared no expense recreating this this poor provincial town (Belle’s words, not ours).

This is not some soundstage on some lot in the middle of LA. They actually created a small village here, complete with Belle’s Cottage, and somewhere in here, Gaston’s Tavern.


But let’s be real and talk about the most important thing going on in this town square: The Fountain. Yes, that fountain.

The Fountain that Belle sits on, and reads her favorite story to those sheep — you know, the story about the prince in disguise (ahem, which is also the plot of Beauty and the Beast).


And for the real “Where’s Belle and Gaston?” moment, check out a tiiiiny Emma Watson and Luke Evans.

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We are SO CLOSE to actually seeing this movie with our own eyes, and ugh, the anticipation is killing us. We still need so much more than this quick look.