Credit: Disney

We’ve seen Belle. We’ve seen the Beast. We’ve also seen Lumière and Cogsworth, and a quick glimpse of Mrs. Potts and Chip. But there’s one other character from Beauty and the Beast who’s kinda vital to the story, because every fairytale needs a solid villain: Gaston.

What is Gaston going to look like when he comes to life in the live-action Beauty and the Beast?

While we don’t have footage of him eating five dozen eggs (yet), we do now have a tiny peek, thanks to the awesome behind-the-scenes featurette recently released for the OG Beauty and the Beast‘s 25th anniversary. Gaston might not be the size of a barge, but he’s close.

In the movie, he’ll be played by Luke Evans, and looking at some concept art for the character, it appears as if his wardrobe is getting an update. This feels much more ~military~ than his usual red shirt and boots. Is it possible that Gaston is getting a brand new backstory?

Credit: Disney

But don’t worry, his iconic red look is still very much in the movie. We get a quick look at what is undoubtedly the “Gaston” song scene, with everyone (Including Josh Gad as Le Fou!) singing and dancing int he tavern.

Credit: Disney

It looks like they’ll be lots of dancing in Beauty and the Beast. Check out Evans during a rehearsal:

Credit: Disney, HelloGiggles

Beauty and the Beast opens on March 17th, 2017. Let’s hope Gaston has lots of biceps to spare.