Rachel Paige
March 20, 2017 2:37 pm

Or maybe you can guess Twitter’s favorite moment from Beauty and the Beast because you also saw the movie this weekend and left the theater thinking, MAN, THAT ONE SCENE WAS GREAT!

So, what scene is it?

The whole “Be Our Guest” musical number? When Belle totally owns the townspeople and creates a washing machine so she can read? Everything about Luke Evans as Gaston?

Nope, nope, and nope. Twitter’s favorite moment is — drumroll please — when Beast almost annihilates Belle with a snowball during their romp in the show.


Beast, 1: Belle, Love.

This a moment not in the original, so yes, the fact that Beast totally CLOBBERS BELLE WITH A GIANT WAD OF SNOW comes as a surprise. It’s also hilarious. The only thing that makes this moment even better is that the Beast SMIRKS after Belle is down for the count.

Way harsh, Beast.


If we threw a snowball at our love, and it hit them square in the face, our enchanted rose would just like, wither up and die right then and there.

While the reviews of Beauty and the Beast have been genuinely positive, many are leaving the theater only talking about this scene. It is by far the best scene of the movie, no argument there.

Many feel like Belle in this scenario:

Long live this snowball moment, one that we will certainly be talking about for years to come.

What a beautiful tale as old as time!!