Natalia Lusinski
March 11, 2017 2:31 pm

When a new movie comes out, oftentimes, we want to get in on the souvenirs associated with it, too. And ASAP. Now, these special Beauty and the Beast cups are selling for crazy amounts online, reported Brit + Co. (Btw, the movie is not even out yet! Hint: March 17th!) You may remember us talking about these a couple weeks ago, the crystal clear Beauty and the Beast cups that come with an “enchanted rose” in the middle. Yup! Your very own enchanted rose. Annnnd, the tumbler lights up! BUT — people have been waiting for up to five hours to get one!

Btw, you can only get them at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Or so we thought. But then people took to eBay with the cups, and cup fans are shelling out a LOT of money to get their hands — and mouths — on the cups. So no more waiting in those five-hour lines if you have the money — up to $125 (!), give or take, since eBay prices constantly change — to spare!

ICYMI, the theme park recently had a Beauty and the Beast makeover. Hence, Disneyland in Anaheim is the only place you can get the cup IRL, at the Red Rose Tavern (aka Village Haus Restaurant).

Here’s the cup-in-question, which’ll cost you $15, as well as several hours in line.

And here’s the cup in action, so to speak.

And here it is working its magic in the dark.

It’s hypnotic, right? Of course, we’re sure you remember the enchanted rose from the movie.

And from the new version of Beauty and the Beast, too.

But how did the cup become a Beauty and the Beast must-have?! When the $15 cup went viral, its popularity spiraled out of control — and so did its eBay prices. If you’re not near Disneyland, we guess getting the cup on eBay is cheaper than paying for a flight and/or the entrance fee to the park. But doesn’t getting it online take the fun out of waiting for it in person, like a concert or movie you ~really~ want to see? It makes it all the more worth it once we get in — or get the cup in our hands. But, no matter how you decide to get the cup, a congratulatory “Cheers!” to you once you do!