Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

Fans have been waiting for good news after Ben Affleck announced he won’t be directing The Batman. However, we’ve got some bad news for Batfans. It looks like the newest potential director has walked from the production. It isn’t quite clear if this is forever, or if there’s a chance that he might come back. Either way, it is not great news for a movie that has been trying to get off the ground for a little while now.

We only wish that the real Batman could swoop in and save the movie himself!

The drama started earlier in the process when Ben Affleck, who was supposed to be directing as well as playing Batman, stepped away from his director role. Affleck explained it as wanting to spend more time focusing on his portrayal of the character, which made sense.

Next, director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Matt Reeves, was slated to take on directing the film. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, he has apparently has walked away from the job. We don’t know exactly why Reeves passed, but chances are it was either creative difference or a scheduling issue.

So now we’re not sure who’s next!

Regardless of what happens, we hope The Batman gets a director soon! All we can hope is that a hero steps forward, preferably one with a cool car and cape!