Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Jan 28, 2015 @ 8:12 am

Remember Batkid? We sure do. The story of Miles Scott, aka Batkid, is one of the most heartwarming life-affirming, viral sensations in recent years. To refresh your memory, in 2013, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the wonderful people of San Francisco brought 5-year-old Miles’ wish to life, turning him into Batman (or Batkid). It seemed like the entire city came out to cheer him on as he fought bad guys, answered distress calls, and cruised around in his very own police-escorted Batmobile.

Miles battled leukemia for most of his life, and his dream of saving Gotham City was able to finally happen because he was in remission — and because the city of San Francisco and the Make-A-Wish Foundation made some incredible magic happen. Is it possible not to tear up thinking of all of the 25,000 people who worked together to give this little kid the best day ever? He fought villains, saved the Giants’ mascot, and ended his day at a rally in his honor where thousands thanked young Miles for saving their city and the mayor presented him with a city key. If that’s not a beautiful story about the kindness of the human spirit, then I don’t know what is.

We absolutely love the positivity and hope that surrounds this caped crusader’s story, and every time we hear “Batkid” we can’t help but smile. Well, this new news gives us a LOT to smile about: According to our friends at The Daily Dot, Julia Roberts is taking Batkid’s story to the big screen. That’s right, she optioned the rights to turn Miles’ best day ever into a movie! Oh, and she’s starring in it, too.

The movie will be a feature adaptation of the Batkid documentary that recently premiered: Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard around the World. Julia Roberts is also set to produce the flick. She told the Daily Mail, “We were lucky enough to see this documentary and we loved it and we think that it would be a really beautiful movie.”

To say Batkid’s story is beautiful is an understatement. It reminded us that people are good, that hope prevails, and it rippled palpable waves of kindness all around the globe. Miles was transformed into Batkid that day, but really, he’s been a superhero all along. We’re so proud of Miles and we can’t wait to see this story come to life!

Also we love the documentary trailer, so be sure to check that out too — and clutch those tissues tight.

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