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This is possibly the best news to come out of 2017 yet. Our hero, Joss Whedon, is heading back to the superhero genre — but this time he’ll be helming a movie for DC. But wait, it gets better! Joss will be writing, producing, and directing a Batgirl movie.

Do you hear that? A Batgirl movie. As in, a female superhero front and center, and if this is a dream, don’t wake us up.

Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. She’s also the police commissioner’s daughter, creating an interesting dynamic between herself, law enforcement, and Batman. She’s also awesome and a total superheroine in her own right. We most recently saw her in the Lego Batman movie fighting crime alongside the police. Basically, she totally deserves her own movie.

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After Wonder Woman comes out this summer, it will be nice to have another female-led superhero movie to look forward to. Although we don’t really have any information, Joss Whedon has plenty of experience writing superhero movies so we trust him. Remember The Avengers (1 and 2)?! Plus, he’s written a lot of TV shows with amazing female leads who are basically superheroes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. Everyone loves Joss!! EVERYONE.

Of course, once this news hit the internet, everyone lost their minds. Not kidding. Seems like we all needed a pick-me-up and got jolted at once. Here are some of the best reactions:


Yep, people are pretty much as psyched as we are! Oh, and some people are already trying to convince Joss who should be Batgirl obviously:

Since the deal hasn’t even been finalized and thus the movie hasn’t been written, it’ll be a while until this Batgirl movie finally makes it to theaters. But Holy, Barbara Gordon, we’re getting a Batgirl movie!!