Jen Juneau
March 31, 2017 1:23 pm
Warner Bros.

Yesterday, news broke that Joss Whedon will be writing, producing, and directing a Batgirl movie — and now, Twitter has figured out who its star might be.

According to smarty-pants internet sleuths, it looks like Batgirl might be Lindsey Morgan, who’s most well-known for her role as engineer Raven Rayes on The CW’s sci-fi drama The 100.

The evidence is pretty cut and dry as to why people think Morgan might be portraying Barbara Gordon in the new Batgirl movie. The biggest clue? A tweet she posted on March 17, which was worded at right about the excitement level we’d expect from someone just cast in a comic-book movie by Joss freaking Whedon.

The CW

The second-biggest clue? On Thursday, she retweeted the article from that points out what we’re hoping is true AND, before that, Variety‘s tweet about the project itself.


If these aren’t huge flashing lights that Morgan is the first live-action Batgirl since Alicia Silverstone in Batman and Robin (which we have a soft spot for, okay!?), we don’t know what is — and we’re stoked for Morgan, if it’s true.

People are stoked, tweeting their excitement left and right — some including fan art already.

Assuming DC continues in the direction of their current film franchise, we’d love to see a true-to-the-comics Batgirl. Because as much as we dug Alicia as Barbara, filmmakers painted her as Alfred Pennyworth’s niece, and we need to see her as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter — tragedy and all.

Regardless of her backstory, though, we can’t wait to see this new addition to the DC Extended Universe, and are all for Joss Whedon — who is famous for his creation of kickass heroines — helping to expand the world of female-led superhero films.