Mila Kunis is here to take back the holidays in the first trailer for "A Bad Moms Christmas"

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The A Bad Moms Christmas NSFW trailer is here! We were huge fans of the original, so obviously when the Christmas-themed sequel was announced, we were OVERJOYED.

And now that we have the A Bad Moms Christmas trailer, we’re even more excited.

This cast is ridiculously star-studded, jam-packed with the best ladies in the business/women we absolutely want to be best friends with. Judging by the trailer, this movie is going to be SO funny, and we’re already scheduling a girls’ night out so we can see it as soon as it’s released.

From foul-mouthed kids (why is that never not funny?) to overbearing mothers (the matching haircuts!!) to what looks like multiple scenes of at least a partly naked Justin Hartley, AKA Kevin from This Is Us, this movie is bound to offer a very different take on holiday films. And different in the best way.

Seriously. Christine Baranski and Mila Kunis as a mother-daughter comedy duo? BLISS. And of course, in typical Bad Moms style, the movie will show the women giving up on being perfect, and just living. their. lives. This is what made the original movie so great! So rarely do women, especially mothers, get to behave a little badly without massive amounts of judgment, so we’re really excited that this series has become a thing.

The only question that remains is, will we get A Bad Moms Easter? A Bad Moms New Year’s Eve? A Bad Moms Halloween? Hey, movie gods. THINK ABOUT IT.

Bad Moms Christmas lands in theaters on November 3rd.

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