baby groot
Credit: Marvel

News flash: Guardian of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot is the cutest thing we’re going to see at the movies this year. We’ve been closely following his every move, from his first scene-stealing moment at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, to the most recently released Guardians trailers. Baby Groot is where it’s at, and it turns out he’s so cute even the cast can’t deal with his sheer adorableness.

And it’s not just Baby Groot who’s adorable, but Baby Groot’s stand-in is also too much to handle as well.

Talking at a Guardians of the Galaxy press event in Los Angeles, director James Gunn explained that the cast needed a point of reference for Groot during his scenes.

This is a truth fact. He’s stole all the trailers so far, so we can only image he’ll steal all two hours of the movie. (Apologizes to the rest of the cast about this.)

Gunn and the cast know what they’re getting into, and knew that it was happening while they were filming.

Coming from someone who’s already seen the movie (no spoilers, promise), it is actually really hard to focus on anything else while Groot is trying to eat that bug, okay? You can see for yourself just how cute and adorable he is when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens on May 5th.