What’s your dream summer job? Lifeguard? Nanny? Well now you have the chance to be in an Avengers movie so stop filling out applications right now. A casting call was posted for extras in Avengers: Infinity War which will shoot in Georgia this summer. So grab your gear and head down south to become a star!

The next Avengers film is about to start filming in Georgia and they’re looking for new extras to hang out on set and do a little running here and there for some days during the months of June and July. Up to the challenge? Here are a few more details!

You can probably pull off a “NYC type,” right?! You also need to be able to run around a bit — imagine that scene from the first Avengers where the Chitauri come down and start attacking the city. Seems risky but what a story if you make it through the battle! And who knows, maybe Chris Evans will save you.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Find out more details from Project Casting and decide if you’re up to the challenge. It certainly sounds like a fun way to spend your summer! It’s like Avengers Summer Camp and who wouldn’t want to go to that?! You can sign us up.