Credit: Marvel/Disney

We admit, we didn’t start this day off expecting to talk to you about the Hulk’s bed. But honestly, this thing is SO CRAZY we can’t not show it to you. So, as you know, the Hulk has a role in Marvel’s upcoming movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The bed is actually a prop from the set of the film, and it’s truly insane.

Photos of the massive piece of bedroom furniture have been making the rounds after the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia opened an exhibit called Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe. The installation contains more than 500 works of concept art and comic books, as well as costumes, props, and set pieces from various Marvel movies.

Among the artwork is an enormous bed fashioned out of toothy skull and draped in blankets, apparently the Hulk’s preferred place to catch some Z’s.

The Hulk also sleeps with a massive axe beside his saber-toothed bed, because of course he does. Honestly, it’s charming how much effort he put into decorating the thing. That tastefully draped scarf really sets the mood, doesn’t it (even if it’s precariously dangling from a few razor-sharp teeth)?

Wonder what the decor looks like in the rest of the Hulk’s house? We’re not sure about the red color scheme, shouldn’t he want some soothing tones? Maybe he’s going for contrast. Who knew the guy was such a talented interior decorator?

In case you’ve missed the trailer for Thor:Ragnarok, correct that instantly.

If you’re just as curious as we are to find out what scene in Thor: Ragnarok plays out in the Hulk’s bedroom, you’ll just have to wait until the movie drops on November 3rd.