Karen Belz
Updated Aug 02, 2016 @ 9:07 am
Credit: Getty Images/Bravo

Alright, hold onto your butts, everyone: Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen are doing a movie together. Obviously, this is ridiculously cool news. I mean, at this point, when we think “Olsen,” we no longer think of Mary Kate & Ashley (OK, we’ll always think of them, but not only them). We also now think of their mega-talented sister Elizabeth, who has starred in a ton of great movies throughout the years. And she’ll soon be able to add yet another to her growing resume, as she recently signed on for the indie film Ingrid Goes West, starring alongside one of our favorite Parks & Recreation alum, Aubrey Plaza.

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David Branson Smith and Matt Spicer wrote the film, and Spicer is set to direct it, as well. Even more exciting: Plaza is set to help produce the film, which means that maybe she’s slowly making the move to become a behind-the-scenes girl for future productions.

The film itself definitely seems interesting, if not a little dark — definitely a genre that Plaza and Olsen have proven to excel in.

Plaza will star as the lead, Ingrid Thorburn, who suffers from mental illness. Thorburn begins having an obsession with Taylor Sloane, a woman (played by Olsen) who seems to be quite influential in the world of social media.

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Unfortunately, Thorburn takes her infatuation a little too far when she moves to be closer to Sloane, and starts becoming a bit terrifying as she tries to form a friendship. Ingrid Goes West is currently shooting in Los Angeles, and it’ll definitely be like nothing you’ve seen before.

We can’t wait to see the chemistry that these two supreme talents will bring to the screen!