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atomic blonde
Credit: Universal Pictures

Whoa! Watch out for Oscar-winning actress and now MI6 agent Charlize Theron in the trailer for Atomic Blonde. In the (slightly NSFW, btw!) trailer, Charlize kicks butt using whatever tools are at her disposal — including her high heel!

The trailer features Charlize in all kinds of tough situations but she seems to be totally able to handle herself. The film is actually based on a graphic novel series called “The Coldest City” and the trailer certainly is stylistically unique.

Credit: Universal Pictures

With rock music and neon lights, this film seems like a fun summer film — with some blood and car chases of course. So what’s the film about exactly? Spies! The official synopsis reads:

So not only do we get Charlize Theron taking down dudes all over Europe but we also get James McAvoy as her sidekick?! Sign us up.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Watch the full action-packed trailer here:

The film is directed by David Leitch who is directing Deadpool 2, and also directed John Wick. So we know the action scenes will be on point. Catch this flick in theaters July 28th and until then just try not to do anything to make Charlize angry!