C. Molly Smith
Updated July 28, 2017

Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella, who co-star in Atomic Blonde, have surely heard their fare share of advice over the years — some good, some not so good. And while speaking with HelloGiggles, Boutella recalled one that *really* wasn’t so good.

That worst piece of advice she received was the suggestion that she, an aspiring dancer at the time, should become a DJ.

Theron then said maybe that person thought she was good at both. But Boutella shot that down: “I’ve never deejayed or tried to deejay. I was trying to break dance coming from ballet and I think I was too delicate or something. It was a bit sarcastic to tell me that because I wasn’t great.”

Theron couldn’t believe it. “I’ve seen you dance. There’s no way. They must’ve been blind. You’re a great dancer.” Then, she addressed the worst piece of advice she’s ever received. Except, she doesn’t believe in such a thing — because, the way she sees it, you can always learn from any piece of advice.

Naturally, Boutella took that to mean that she should start deejaying. “Glass half full. I’m deejaying tomorrow, done.”

On a more positive note, the Atomic Blonde duo also addressed the best advice they’ve ever received.

“I think the best advice as far as going through my life and having an awareness for other people and things that were happening around me,” she began, “It’s always been, do unto others the way you want it to be done to you. I feel like that’s a universal good thing to live by.”

For Boutella’s part, “Believe in what moves you. Have no shame and don’t shy away from trying to go and just thrive. Believe in that no matter what.”

Well, there’s certainly a lot to be learned from all that! And there’s much more about advice they’d give their younger selves and to other strong ladies today in the video above.

Atomic Blonde is now in theaters, so, what are you waiting for?!