There’s no question that Disney movies have a special place in our hearts. And we just heard about an artist who is showing what Disney characters would look like if they were transgender, and this fresh approach to our beloved characters is making us cheer.

The artist is an art director from New York, known simply as Trans Disney on Instagram. Each design shows a classic Disney character next to their transgender double, and we’re hoping this inspires filmmaker and animators alike to start thinking outside the box. There are so few transgender stories in mainstream content, and none yet in Disney.

Well, maybe THESE will inspire some change.

We love seeing such a creative celebration of gender fluidity. Seeing these beloved characters in a different way helps us remember that gender is a construct, and that transformation is beautiful.

Thank you to Trans Disney for this positive representation of the transgender community — the world needs it. Looking forward to a wider (and more bold) representation of children’s characters in the future.