Olivia Harvey
Updated June 14, 2019

It’s all beginning to make sense now. Men in Black: International was released in theaters today, June 14th, and we were shocked to see a few unexpected celebrity cameos, including “NASA” singer Ariana Grande. Coincidence? We think not.

The original 1997 Men in Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, joked that well-known celebrities like Dionne Warwick, Elvis Presley, and Danny DeVito are actually grotesque alien creatures wearing human skin. The 2012 Josh Brolin-led offshoot, Men in Black 3, added Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to the alien roster.

So it’s no surprise that MIB: International continued the 20-year running joke, adding A-listers like Grande, Donald Glover, and J.J. Abrams to the list.

And yeah—Elon Musk made the cut, too. Because, duh. He’s Elon Musk and definitely an alien in disguise.

It only makes sense that Grande is not from this world. With her heavenly voice, always-upbeat personality, and miles of hair to hide the zipper in the back of her human skin, it’s all of a sudden very obvious that she’s an extraterrestrial. She wrote a song about “NASA,” and then actually visited NASA Space Center (to throw us off her alien scent, of course). And have you seen photos from her Sweetener World Tour? The whole thing is space-themed. Perhaps she’s just begging to be taken home. false

According to Refinery29, MIB: International stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth actually got a say in which celebrities they’d like to make cameos. Cardi B was reportedly on their short list, but she didn’t end up making the final cut.

MIB: International is currently in theaters, and will definitely delight fans of the original late-’90s flick. And don’t worry, Ari—your secret is safe with us.