Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 2:19 pm
Credit: Vestron Pictures

It seems absurd to ever think that people hated Dirty Dancing, but apparently, Dirty Dancing almost didn’t happen. While we love Dirty Dancing now, it was hated when it was first created 30 years ago. Like, WHAT?! We find this so, so hard to believe, considering how obsessed we are with this iconic film, from Jennifer Grey’s dancing lift to basically every inspirational quote from the movie.

It’s hard for us to imagine a world without Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s dreamy, ~steamy~ romance, so we don’t even want to try, but our friends at Bustle spoke with movie’s writer and creator Eleanor Bergstein, who shared the story of how the movie almost wasn’t even made. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?

Bergstein explained,

Just, wow. The fact that Dirty Dancing almost didn’t happen is blowing our minds right now. She continued, telling Bustle,

TG for Bergstein and everyone else involved for making sure this movie was a part of our lives, because it really has made such a difference in how we think about everything from love to taking chances. We’re just so happy things ended up working out so, so well for this film!