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Haters to the left, Anne Hathaway is here to knock ya back down. After winning an Oscar in 2012 for her stunning portrayal of Fantine in Les Misérables, Anne Hathaway received a ridiculous amount of backlash for her acceptance speech, which was seen by many as inauthentic and smug.

Instead of discussing her incredible performance and the complicated issues the role addresses, the conversation suddenly became about how much people hated Anne Hathaway, which was incredibly unfortunate. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Anne opened up about how people’s reactions felt, and why her speech may have come off as a little less than “real.”

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Since people lose their minds with respect for male actors who get a bit method with their roles, it smacks of a special kind of sexism that Anne Hathaway can’t even catch a break for feeling emotionally vulnerable after playing such a difficult part.


Despite the no doubt frustrating situation, if Anne Hath-a-will, Anne Hathaway. Anne came away stronger for it, although we hate that she had to experience this.

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We love you enough to make up for all the nasty people on the internet, Anne Hathaway, don’t worry.